Friday, March 7, 2008

The price of things...

It's election day tomorrow and I just cannot stop myself reading all those banners that the parties have put up to draw votes....

The most mentioned topics is perhaps... the price of things.

Without realising that it will be a 'hot topic' for elections, I have put up a poll on the prices one would be willing to pay ...

A. RM80 for a Cloth Diaper

B. RM100 for a Sling

C. RM300 for a Car Seat

D. RM200 for a pair of Baby Gap Jeans

AS you can see, the answers are quite random but not without reason. Was really checking if anyone would prefer to pay RM200 for a pair of Baby Gap Jeans instead of the other necessities. And, YES... there's a vote for that.

The thing is... with the price increase in things and all... those who wants something bad enough will still find the way to fund it... "When there's a will, there's a way".

I'm not saying I'm backing the previous government but when you think of the promises to not increase the price of petrol and toll etc. etc... think again... do you really, honestly believe that is possible? Are you aware that petrol has always been subsidised by the government? All I'm saying is that we should really think twice before believing in these 'promises'.

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