Monday, March 10, 2008

Wear your toddler, too!

To me, the most useful times of the sling is more when we go out... though every now and then, I might need to wear my little Arthur while doing chores at home.

The simple truths on why you need to keep your toddler (i.e. one who's already walking) in the sling...
  • to keep him/her close to you for safety (in view of the kidnap cases, when crossing the roads, when in crowded areas, when you are shopping at the glassware department etc.)
  • to enable you to take a break from having to run after him/her
  • especially useful when your little one is taking a nap... in which case, a two shoulder carry sling (e.g. wrap or mei tai) would come in real handy
  • to make sure you do not 'forget' about him/her when you are rummaging through sales items... yes, this happens... sadly, this is when little ones get bored and tend to wander off...

I'm sure there's more to the above list... keep adding ;)

1 comment:

Peridot&Sapphire said...

My only concern - hot from the body heat in tropical country!