Monday, October 22, 2007


"Babywearing?? What is that? Is that what I am doing?" That was my first response when I came across the term as I was searching for slings on the internet.
All I knew then was I remembered seeing babies being carried in some cloth tied around the mother... sometimes, they are just normal sarongs tied around the mother... some looks more fashionable with rings and a trendy tail 'flowing' down the body... then, of course, there are all those thingamagics that men would prefer... those carriers with a seat... I don't like the looks of those, though... looks too 'hi-tech' for little me.

It was then that I came across the pouch sling and a read of the description convinced me that it is just the thing I need to carry Arthur with!... not 100% convinced, though... wait... this online store that I am looking at is going to be at the Parenthood Expo 2006 at Mid Valley... so, with DH and DS, we went on to have a look at the real thing and yes, you guessed it right, I bought it even when it was RM149. Brenda from babysashanmom convinced me that it's the best thing around... I use it 'til this day... can't go anywhere without a sling... need I say more??

Wearing Arthur with the sling from Brenda

As with the term 'babywearing'... I cannot agree more that this is the best term. I was out with my brother, his girlfriend and Arthur one day... Arthur wanted to come out and walk on his own with my bro and his girlfriend while I run an errand... unconciously, I just kepy wearing the sling.. without Arthur in it.. a curious salesgirl came up to me and asked... "mind if I ask? Where have you been? Why are you dressed up in such an interesting manner??"... my reply was simply.. "I wear my baby"


Baby Sasha N Mom said...

Jess, Thanks for promoting me and my site..hehe! You are superb! Keep up with all ur good work and I'm waiting for more things from u to try:)

Jess said...

The sling really did change my life with baby ;)