Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cool Mom Award

Me? Cool Mom?!I'm not really sure if I can be a Cool Mom. Well, it is a very nice surprise to have received this award. Big thank you to Brenda!

This led me to think... what makes a 'Cool Mom'... ask my 5 year old nephew and he'll probably say.. "if you can understand me and do whatever I say.."... ask my 3 year old niece and this would probably be the respond.. "Mom from the fridge".. haha... ask my 1 year old DS... and he'll probably just make funny noises ("what de??") and run away..

Somehow, being 'cool' and being 'mom' makes me think if these attributes can really blend well together.

Simply, I am just trying to be a responsible Mom as I have a funny believe that children did not ask to be brought to this world... so, the least we can do is to be responsible for their well being and try our best to ensure that they have a beautiful memory of their upbringing... just like what my parents gave me... So, yes.. the award goes to my Mom, too and to my late Dad, he deserves more than a Cool Dad Award...

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