Saturday, October 13, 2007

Raising a child...

"In the final analysis, it is not what you do for your children but what you taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings"- Ann Landers

I cannot agree more with the quote of the month in October's Parenthood magazine. 

It amazes me most to see how some parents can still be providing their children with daily allowance even when they have already been in the work force for years. While it could be... "Wow! They are so lucky to have such parents"... if not, it could just be.. "Oh, boy.. when are they ever going to learn to take care of themselves? It is the latter that worries me the most.

Having my own child now, my biggest fear is that I have to leave him to face the world alone at a young age... at any age... At this age of time, one can never tell what it going to happen when... I just happen to be the kind of person who'd like to imagine 'the worst case scenarios' happening and try to be ready, if not prevent it... So, it is no wonder how I try to list things down here and there for my child just in case 'he will never get to see me again'.

Anyway, the point is, my believe is.. the sooner he can learn to take care of himself, the better. Won't this place too much pressure on him to grow up too soon? This, I have to also be careful as I do want him to have a happy and healthy childhood, too. Huh.. I wonder if all parents are the same? One thing I'm sure not many are into with me is that we shouldn't have brought our children to this world... that is another thought altogether.... since I have done otherwise, I can only find ways to make his life a beautiful one, if I can...

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