Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mama Pads

While I cannot say that I qualify as an environmentalist, I would like to think of myself as trying my best to care for the environment through the simple three steps : Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Especially so now when I have a child for "...we did not inherit the earth from our ancestors... we borrowed it from our children..."

As such, I always believe that what we borrowed should be returned in its original condition... we really should do our bit for Mother Nature.

While Cloth Diapers is a great way to reduce waste and encourage reusability.. it is also better for my baby's bum bum... which led me to think... shouldn't mama be wearing cloth, too?

Well, thoughts went back to the time when Mom told me that we are so lucky that pads and tampons are available these days... in her days... she had to use cloth... who do you think is the lucky one here?

Anyway, it is with these thoughts that I searched the Internet... only to find that people still use cloth menstrual pads and like the CDs for my darling, they are good for the environment and even better for people who uses them... which led me to experiment with them ( I might be sewing CDs, too.. one day... when I get suitable fabric...)

I have been experimenting with some mama pads for a while. As I am still breastfeeding, I am unable to test it out for absorbency.. Glad that a friend of mine offered to help... these are what I made for her...

... just like the diapers for my dear son, they are stuffable and adjustable for absorbency, with a layer of nylon sewn in to make it leak proof... I shall be sewing more of them shall it turn out to be ok... will wait for my friend's feedback and I shall keep it posted here, too


Peridot&Sapphire said...

mama wear cloths? Definitely yes! If you an make mama pad you are not far from making cloth diapers too... keep up the good work!

Jess said...

Thanks! I am hoping to get a CD made out of flannel.. keep reading. You might be surprised =)