Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What's in the name...

Just as the inspiration and motivation to sell baby slings come from my little Arthur, so did the name of my business to be... Peekaroobaby...

Really, it's just Peekaboo (a game my little one enjoys a lot together with hide-and-seek) + Kangaroo (after all, lots of people commented that I look like a kangaroo with a joey in me when I use the sling).

I wanted to have it as just but unfortunately, the site is taken. So, then, I thought... I can just add a 'baby' to go with it.. problem is.. shall I put it in the front or at the back?? i.e. shall I call it babypeekaroo or peekaroobaby?

I posed the thought to DH and his reply and analysis was a reasonable one. If I were to choose babypeekaroo, it sounds like there's a baby named 'peekaroo'. 'Peekaroobaby' is more appropriate as it suggests that we are peeking into the sling for a baby.. just nice, don't you think?

And, yes... little Arthur likes to play Peekaboo when he's in the sling.

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