Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Specially dedicated to Pregnant Moms..

One of my best friend's wedding back in KL over the weekend saw us (DH, DS and I) meeting up with many of my school mates... and their partners... some of who are pregnant... that triggered my thoughts on the many things I wish I'd known since I was pregnant... So, yes, my dear friends and to everyone who is pregnant reading this entry... I wish to share with you, the joy of Breastfeeding, Babywearing and Cloth Diapering...

I was going to post as much information as I could on the above three topics for all but seeing my pregnant friends made me want to do them ASAP. Look out for all the related links and resources I'd find useful through my sixteen months of Motherhood... I do hope I find time enough to link them all from here..

While I had read all I can about breastfeeding and attended many seminars and talks on the topic, nothing really 'showed' me what it meant until Arthur joined my world. At seminars and talks and antenatal classes, all you hear are encouraging statements... turned out to be very different after Arthur is born... however, I was very determined (read: VERY determined.. in other words, STUBBORN) to breastfeed Arthur and that determination made it a success and I am proud to tell the world that I am still breastfeeding Arthur today. Read more about my Breastfeeding Journey. And yes, it does make a difference, trust me, and, it's starting to show.

As with babywearing, I had a very demanding baby which had me longing for a way to carry him all the time.. if only it doesn't cause pain in my back and arms... that was when I remembered seeing someone carrying their babies in some kind of fabric wrapped around them... nothing new... very traditional indeed... that was when I started searching high and low for the sling..I got one... got another.. they are so good... I found a site... I sew them now... it is only much later that I discovered what I have been doing: I am wearing my baby

As with cloth diapers... I had actually came across them since before Arthur was born but my mind was like "why pay so much for a 'cloth diaper'? What's so special about them? Don't I have those white squares from Anakku that are called 'cloth diapers'?" Sadly, it is this very thought that left me using Cloth Diapers with Arthur at a very, very late stage... he'd only started wearing them at 13 months... after I'd quit my job to take care of him full time... after I'd have enough time to really 'study' into them...

Perhaps, a bit more on Cloth Diapers as I've never really gotten into the topic beforehand... the terms used for the normal Anakku white squares are 'lampin' and when 'cloth diapers' is used, it refers to what most call the modern cloth diapers... simply put, they are 'modern' because they can absorb and prevent leaks good as disposables... depending on the types you've got... I will come up with a review with the many brands I've tried out in due time... (yes... two months and I've tried more than 5 brands!.. that's me... just wanna make sure things will be better for my next baby ;-))

I know I'm putting a lot here.. so, just have these three topics in mind and check back for more information.

Above all, Breasfeeding has been a war won for Arthur and I. Really, above all, breastfeed your child!

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