Friday, June 20, 2008

Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Pouches is here!

Yes! You read it right. Following up on my previous post on adjustable pouches, Malaysians can now finally get their hands on adjustable pouches.

One of the better known adjustable pouches in the market, Kangaroo Korner's adjustable pouches offers four rows of adjustments each.. which means, you are simply going to get 4 sizes in 1 pouch! Indeed, Tanya Westerman (owner and founder of Kangaroo Korner) is the very person featured on the Tummy to Tummy DVD pouch wearing session.

Ok, ok... I saw that question coming... yes, I've got one of the Solarveil (something I'd been wanting to try out as I have read great information on Solarveil) varieties. Penangites will probably be the very first ones to see it and try it as I sure will being it with me to our next gathering on the 21st June 2008 ;)

Availble from Tiny Tapir.

Look out for my review!


Anonymous said...

jess.... its adjustable pouch (like one size cd concept kan) isnt it. how come it has sizes? the adjustable word means what yeah... pening!

-shida, penang-

Jess said...

Hi Shida,

It is not exactly one-size in this case as the sizes can be really different. FYI, the sizing is based on the when the pouch is fully opened ;)