Thursday, June 12, 2008

DIY Ring Sling in Action

Had a chance to wear Arthur out today... though non-padded, this particular shoulder style seems to be comfortable, even with a more than 12 kgs toddler!

As it was a sunny day out, forgetful me who forgot to bring Arthur's cap used the tail to cover his head ;)


Shida said...

jesss.... lurvedddddddddd ur sling.... so tempted to try this one. is it easy to adjust the sling coz its 2 layer of fabric kan (reversible)?

Jess said...

Hi Shida,

You are right.. it's a bit difficult to adjust once Arthur is in.. what not with the metal rings. Then again, it's not impossible... good that it won't slip ;)

Rayhana said...

That looks great, Jess!

About it not slipping, that's a good point because with increasing weight of the toddler, I'd think it WOULD slip, just like the one I have :p

halinazairi said...

i found this, i tot of u..

now u need a girl to match with the RS eh? ehhehe..

Jess said...

;) Farid... that's exactly the same pattern ;)