Saturday, June 21, 2008

Custom Taggies

The latest custom order completed... personalised Peek-a-Taggies.

Ok... saw that one coming... the names are all hand-sewn ;)

Love them myself... time to do something for Arthur, too?


tinytapir said...

ooo I likee likee ! well done on the hand sewing, my stitches are nowhere NEAR that even..

Rayhana said...

wow that looks fantastic, jess :)
how much do you charge?
I think if the next one comes along.. this would be a good buy!

Jess said...

Thanks, Tiny Tapir.

Hi Rayhana, I charged RM8 extra for the personalisation of up to 15characters. Am thinking if I shall add this as one of the additional features and made it known to everybody... ;)

Rayhana said...

Jess, you should.

I remember my son going through a phase he would just adore playing with the tags on his clothes, and blankets etc.

Then I came across the term, taggies, but it was really expensive, not including shipping!
So.. it WOULD sell lah :)
BUT.. then ppl would start making it also, unless you patent it in Malaysia hehe