Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's not about money, is it?

Will it really make a difference to world of Babywearing if the slings are cheaper? Will cheaper carriers really mean more babywearers?

Guess what? Babywearing does not need to be expensive at all. If you do not already know, you do not even need to know how to sew. All you need is some long and wide enough fabric and some skills at cutting the fabric and you can start wearing your baby! We call that babywearing using Simple Pieces of Cloth (SPOC).

Too difficult? Why not add a pair of rings for RM5? Yes, still not necessary to sew. Just thread it and you have yourself a adjustable ring sling!

You can sew? Sew it, then!

Sometimes, we complain how the carriers in the market are pricey and not affordable (Believe me, I was probably one of them.. though not for long), that we focused too much on the price and neglected the use we are going to get out of it.

One might be willing to pay RM200 for a shirt that might just be worn once or twice (perhaps, for a special event) but not a sling that one could use for almost everyday of the year? Think about it...

One might be willing to pay the same amount of what one could pay for a carrier to buy a branded piece of toy for his/her little one but not invest in a carrier that could have brighten up the day of their babies? Think about it..

One might be thinking.. it's just fabric.. well, lots of things are 'just fabric' and there are people paying thousands, even millions, for it... ok, exageratting a bit here but yes, there are slings that are selling for more than RM1000 and they are sold out!

Point is, something as useful as a carrier would definitely be a worthwhile investment. And, handmade products are simply... priceless, if you ask me.

As with anything, just buy if you feel the price is right for you. With pouches and ring slings selling from as low as RM50 each in Malaysia, I'm pretty sure there's one to suit every budget.

Otherwise, there's always other options in babywearing that could be affordable to everyone. So, really, there's no excuse to babywearing not being affordable. Like breastfeeding, it's more of whether you believe it will work and how you want to go about making it work.

Happy Babywearing!

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