Monday, June 30, 2008

Wrap, wrap, wrap!

Though I only know 2 methods (Front Wrap Cross Carry and Rucksack Back Carry), Wrap is great! In any case in babywearing, especially with wraps, knowing just one carrying position is good enough. Know more? More flexibility for yourself though, like me, you would most probably be using one most of the time ;)

We were at the Food Expo in PISA, Penang last Friday to check out... well, food and yes, you guessed it right... there are lots of sampling involved ~yummy yummy~

Initially, my little Arthur was just holding on to my hands (as it was the first day of the Expo, it was not too crowded, so, quite safe to just hold hands)... when we start getting more and more food samplings, we both needed more hands ;)
While the pouch would still be good for us in these situations, all I had with me was the wrap as I foresee Arthur needing a nap later (He's too heavy in the pouch for long hours now)...
So, there you see... happi-ly munching away in the wrap!

As predicted, taking a nap in the wrap... one hour passed by without any discomfort ;)

Want to know about babywearing with Simple Pieces of Cloth like this? Join us at the next Penang Babywearers Gathering! 12th July 2008, 3pm, Rumah Nur, Penang Caring Complex.


Rayhana said...

That looks great, Jess! :)

As if it's like part of your top, looks extremely comfy! :)

Jess said...

Yes, Rayhana, it looks like my top, doesn't it? I still remember how one of the participants at our last KL gathering mentioned we can just use the wrap as the top ;)