Thursday, June 5, 2008

Malaysian Babywearers

Psssst.... you might not know about this yet but we are in the midst of setting up Malaysian Babywearers, a stand-alone organisation to promote babywearing in Malaysia.

As with any organisations, I find that it is important to have a forum where we can store and discuss our ideas, don't you think?

With a limited budget, we need to get forums that provides free hosting, yet, not so dull... something different. After testing a few of the providers, I came across free forum hosting by Lefora and have decided to go with this one.

We may still be at the testing stage but do come and have a look at the cool features Lefora has... it is really something different. For one, you don't see the big advertisements on the top of the page. It also highlights the more important stuff and has a summary of the posts for easy viewing.

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