Thursday, August 7, 2008

Does price reflect the quality of carriers?

Some time ago, I saw this hybrid 'ring sling' being sold in Giant.. on offer... RM12 or less! Yes, you read it right! RM12. It can be folded til the size that would fit a little umbrella holder...

Today, we checked out the newly opened Econsave in Butterworth and, among all others, saw a couple considering to buy a baby carrier... the simple ones with four straps and buckles.. those that will hang baby by the crotch... RM18.30. Yes, RM 18.30! One word : flimsy! Lucky they put it down.. I was to busy chasing after Arthur to approach them :(

Thing is, it is really quite scary what we see in departmental stores these days. You would be looking at it and imagining if it would be safe to use it, if at all. Then again, those who are new to the scene wouldn't really know, would they?

In more than one ways, the price of a carrier, DOES, after all, reflect the quality of the carrier.
Then again, shall we be happy as that certainly means there is more demand than before for baby carriers? Meaning, more are wanting to wear their babies?

Now, we just need to approach them before they buy a flimsy carrier? Huh... just what would you do?

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