Saturday, August 2, 2008

World Breastfeeding Week 2008 is this Week!

Time really passes by sooo fast and before you know it, it's been a year since my entry on my Breastfeeding Journey. Then, I was just another breastfeeding Mom, trying to make a difference byt encouraging those I am close to, to breastfeed their babies.

Then, at 2007's World Breastfeeding event, I was just another participant who was trying to make herself heard that she is all for supporting breastfeeding...

Then, I found the babywearing love and wanted to shout out to the world in my little voice that we shall all wear our babies!

Then, I was new to the place I now call home... Seberang Jaya (Penang)...

Sitting down here, reflecting on the year gone by, so many things have changed.

As far as promoting breastfeeding is concerned, I am now a member of a Penang-based support group, MMPS. Together with a dedicated team with medical doctors as counsellors, we shall be able to make a difference. Together with all passionate Mommas, we shall be able to bring forth the change in mind that breastmilk, is, after all, the best nutrition there is for our babies.

Aiming to Go for Gold, we have organised a synchronised Breastfeeding event today where 68 mothers (what do you know?? this was exactly the same number we had last year!) have attended to breastfeed their little ones for one minute, together.

In an overall smooth and positive event, we have earned ourselves a bronze medal. That is definitely a good start to a bright future for MMPS :D in our continuing efforts to promote breastfeeding :)

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