Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Your Questions Answered...

It's really funny how these questions keep coming up to me.. so, yes, I'd like to share them with you...

Personal issues:
Q: How old are you? Are you sure that the baby is yours? You look like you just came out of school...
I am definitely old enough to be a Mom. If you must know... I am 28 (I don't think this is any secret).
Anyway, somehow, it runs in the family to look younger than we really are (all except for my younger brother.. hehe.. and he seems to be the one that really care about looks LOL). Before you conclude that this is good, let me tell you that this is not necessary the case.
In my experience, social and leisure wise... looking youger than you really are might have its benefits. However, when it comes to serious business, looking young means that they lack confidence in you to carry out the important tasks. Really, would you buy a sling from someone who's just came out of school? Think about it.

Q: So... you have a Kakak to look after your baby while you sew, right?
I really don't know why this comes popping up... more than I'd ever imagined. Perhaps, having a Kakak to care for our children is the norm in our society today. No offence but, having grown up with a few 'Kakak'... I don't and won't want a maid/helper/assistant in my family. My family shall only consist of .. well, my family.

The Kakak issue can take a weeks' blog to explain. Briefly, I'm sure those of you who have them at home will agree with me that it is indeed not easy at all.. it's not like they arrive at your doorstep knowing exactly what to do... after all, we ourselves do have our preferences and differences, even between husband and wives... how do you expect some stranger walking into our house to know exactly what each and everyone of us want?

Anyway, assuming you have the perfect helper... obedient and can just seem to read your mind, meeting, if not exceeding your expectations... there is this issue of needing to take care of her, too. I still remember clearly how we need to make sure the Kakak will have her meals before we go on a trip... While on the trip... if we do not bring her along... we will be worried... if we bring her along.. well, let's just say we've got pictures of family trips with someone who does not really belong to the family...

To those who have worked all those out and have a wonderful maid/helper/Kakak in their house,Congratulations!

So, yes... I don't and won't want one... not even weekly helper.... let someone try to change that...

Q: When are you planning to have your second baby?
Despite all the pressure to have a second child soooon, I have decided to follow the Doctor's advise to wait until Arthur reaches 2 before I conceive again. I read somewhere too that it is only then that one's body is fully recovered and ready for another pregnancy. Most important though, is that Arthur would not get enough attention if we get a second baby before then... after all, he's only starting to take in the world now.

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