Sunday, November 11, 2007

New to Babywearing?

Since my last post, Brenda from recommended that I advise new babywearers to try and practice using the sling with a dummy. I believe this is a good idea though with Arthur, he was like a slinging pro from the start.

So, depending on your baby and your confidence level, it might be a really good idea to practice positioning with a dummy. Once you get comfortable enough with the dummy, then you can have a go with a well fed and happy baby.

Some other useful tips towards a happy and safe babywearing journey:

  • While you are getting used to wearing your baby, support him with your hands.
  • As you go through the learning phase of moving and reacting, the urge to support your baby with your hands is instinctive.
  • After you become a babywearing veteran, you can safely carry your baby in the sling with one or both hands free.
  • Try when baby is well fed and contented, not when baby is fussy and crying.
  • Always check the seams before each babywearing session
  • Always support baby when bending down

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