Friday, November 2, 2007

Business issues... your comments, pls

My recent meet up with friends has proven the very fact that I am never going to be a real business person. Well, yes, I am thinking of starting an online store selling slings but the main thing of that is really, to share the joy of babywearing... and, as I gather more information and get to know more Mothers who are thinking of working from home.. well, maybe, I'll think of a way to bring them along my journey...

Just as I have imagined... to be a business person.. of course, you think business and you think profit. Most people I know, friends and family inclusive, when they heard that I am starting an online store... they simply pour out their business ideas on what else I can sell and how I can make a bigger profit. When I tell them that I am just going to focus on slings.. most of the reactions are like "Hmm... yeah... why not sell something else, too... since you already have the 'shop'... get more profit".

Anyway, I hope that the birth of Peekaroobaby will make a difference in the babywearing ratio and along the way, it shall also support other work at home communities (hey! Dads can work at home, too).

"We did not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrowed it from our children"... native American proverb

For this very reason, Peekaroobaby shall use little in packaging.. (probably another reason why my business will not stand out)
  • they shall be reusable or recyclable
  • I am also thinking of not including any printed instructions but to direct customers to look it up on the site. This is in line with reducing waste

I'm not too sure about it yet, though... would clients prefer the packaging? Can they do without them? Will the product look better with extensive packaging? Really, these thoughts have been circling in my head... pls help!

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