Friday, November 9, 2007

Busy Busy Busy... measurement for sling

... sewing, sewing, sewing... yes, that's what I've been doing lately... there's so much I wanted to put in blog but just didn't have time enough to sit down and put it all in.. waiting for the train of thoughts...

Anyway, aside from Arthur, sewing occupies most of my time now. Still trying out and improvising the sling... still fishing for feedback.. fishing for comments... fishing for photos...

Of the last sling I sent out, though it is custom-made, there seems to be a little problem with the sizing... a little too large?? That is the first feedback. After having a look at the photo I've received from the new babywearer (don't think I shall publish it here before I get her consent)... it could looks like the positioning could have been the problem. Anyway, she's advised to try a few more times to get comfortable and to wash it (the fabric usually shrinks a little after the first wash) before deciding if it's too large. If it is, then, she can send it back for resizing.

Next thing I know, I'm calling my testers (who'd had experience with the pouch slings beforehand)... MUST find out if it's the problem with MY SIZING... As it seems... it fitted well.. one of them suggests that the problem could be due to incorrect measurement.. hmmm...

The light bulb lighted!!

Because she has used a pouch sling before, she knew exactly how to measure herself. The general rule is to measure from the shoulder to the opposite hip bone.
However, as we discussed further, the hip bone is quite a big piece of bone... while some will measure to just the top part of it... others might have the measuring tape going all to the bottom part of the hip bone... the difference can be 1-2 inches.. which could make a whole lot of comfort difference with the pouch sling.

That's something I shall bear in my mind and keep it in the page of FAQs for my website later..

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