Saturday, November 29, 2008


This is one really funny situation that I keep remembering myself to blog about.

We were bringing Arthur to his weekly Musikgarten class and as usual, we are there early so the kids could play together before the 30minutes class begin. Along with some Alphabets PVC mat on the floor, there is also a box of books for children that the kids can browse through. As there are really limited 'toys' there, the children will usually end up with a book or two and the Mommies will usually grab the moment to read to them/get them more acquainted with books.

Anyway, the funny (it might not be as funny to the Mom) incident happened like this....

A little girl who just turned three (we were discussing her age and I just got to know on that day that she just turned 3) got a book on animals and started pointing to them and asking her Mom what it is, repeating the name of the animals that Mommy told her and the conversation went on like this...

Little Girl : What is this (pointing to a Chicken)?
Mommy : Chicken-lo
Little Girl : Chic-ken... What is this (pointing to a Cat)?
Mommy : Cat-lo
Little Girl : Cat... What it this (pointing to a Buffalo)?
Mommy : Buffalo
Little Girl : Buf-feh...
Mommy : No. Buffalo... not Buf-feh
Little Girl : Buf-feh...

As parents to growing tots, we really have to mind our language, don't we?

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Liana Lioe said...

hahaha.... that's so funny lo...:)