Thursday, December 4, 2008

Adventist Hospital Penang Nov 08

It was a fine and lovely day on the 23rd Nov 2008 and more than anything else, it is the day that the Kangaroo Club meets at the Penang Adventist Hospital and I was invited to give a talk on Babywearing :)

With quite a crowd and attentive listeners, it was a fun and hopefully, informational event to the participants.
As usual, to a crowd new to babywearing, it was a brief introduction on the different babywearing options available...


The Malaysian Explorer said...

Nice photos of Babywearers and a nice blog. Wonder if it is ok for me to use some photos of the babywearer's group in Penang at my website

Should I use the photo, I'll definitely give you credit for it.


The Malaysian Explorer

Liana Lioe said...

If only i know got this talk about babywearing at adventist, I would come. Next time, please let me know. This is my email add,
THank you

Jess said...

Hi Liana,

Will sure add you to my PG list :)