Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Spending wisely

What do you do? How do you do it? At trying times like these, spending wisely attracts much attention. Just what is wise and how do you spend wisely?

When you really look into it, it's really not that difficult at all... instead of eating out in proper restaurants, we either eat in or just go for our meals at the hawker centres. Instead of driving across the bridge for one reason, we try to group a few more so we get more done (and, thus, the toll payment and petrol more worthwhile). And, really, we don't need that new toy, or that new carpet....

When it comes to necessities, like a pair of glasses (I needed a replacement... more often now that I have a kid), how? My glasses needed to be replaced and I was looking around the stores for good deals... mind you, I am not one after branded frames but still, the best I could get is like RM168. Coming across Zenni Opticals was like my prayers answered.

Did you not know you can order your eyeglasses online with a lower price? How?... well, you are not paying for the extra advertisements and you are ordering direct from the manufacturer! Starting at USD$8 per pair (less than RM30!), who wouldn't call that a deal? Even when you factor in the postage charges, it's still a steal!

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