Monday, November 17, 2008

Babywearing Awareness "Walk" Kuala Lumpur

It's been quite some time since I have worn Arthur, especially since his preference for the strollers when we go shopping and such.

However, seeing so many little ones being worn together must have gotten my Little Arthur excited as he was (after months from our last babywearing moment), tugging to my sling and asking to go into it ;)

So, this was what it is... the Babywearing Awareness "Walk" held in The Curve/Ikano/Ikea on the 16th November 2008 organised by Malaysian Babywearers.

There was a much better than expected turnout... more than 20 babywearers turned up. Paired with husbands and family members, it was like a walking crowd of 40 people, more or less.

The funny moment of the day was when there was a Credit Card salesman approaching us. I was the first being approached (see baby, see business? as they were giving away all sorts of toys for those who signed up). I shook my head and walked on.... then, he saw another opportunity with Syaz and didn't want to let go it that... when Syaz told him she's got to walk together with us... we are in a group, he didn't believe it... until the rest from the back start coming up the same way... then, he knows it true. Indeed, I am not sure if I shall say he is surprised or shocked to see that many little ones at one time!

The plan for the day did not work out at all... many unexpected reasons.... the weekly weekend markets not happening in The Curve... the more than usual (well, sort of expected) crowd for lunch in Ikea...
This is us heading for early lunch in Ikea Restaurant... Can you spot the babywearers?

I had a fun day meeting up with Mommas... especially babywearing Mommas :D
Hoping it's the same for all who attended :)

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Jesslyn said...

baby sling getting popular nowadays! lots of fancy design too!