Saturday, November 1, 2008

Jewels you can chew on?

... or, rather, YOUR baby can chew on!

I don't really know how it is for other Moms but for me, ever since Arthur has joined us, my jewelleries has been put aside.

The thought of my little one playing and pulling them apart is something I do not welcome. The thought of him biting into them (and, accidentally swallowing them!) is horrifying. Yes, my necklaces and bangles would have gotten much more attention from Arthur than from me, if I were to be wearing them. I know because that is his target when someone wearing them picks him up.

What's more, growing up and teething, he realised he has got a bangle on his very own wrist and no, that bangle is not spared of biting marks! It's coconut shell and hopefully, not harmful. That is a bangle 'for protection'.

So, I am amazed at this find...

They are called chewable jewels and that is exactly what it is! Jewelleries your little ones can chew on! Designed by a dentist, Dr. Helen Bloom Smith, these jewels sure are durable (ask my 2 year and 4 month old!)

The claim...
" Our Teething Jewelry Is:
* Dentist Created and Endorsed
* BPA, PVC, Phthalate Free
* Latex and Lead Free
* Dishwasher Safe"

When we first put them on, they seem to attract dust. However, as they get more used, that no longer is a problem. It must be the glossy surface to begin with. Anyway, with use, the colour and texture got better.

My little one (at 2 years and 4 months) has definitely got very sharp teeth and bites without mercy (I truly hope it is a phase). So, when he feels like biting, I will offer him the pendant instead. I know it's meant more for teething babies but well, let's just say I much prefer him biting into the pendant that on someone. And, the pendant worked. Yes... my little one, with strong, sharp teeth, is no match for it's durability.

I love bangles/bracelets most of all but I have to pass it on, for a better review and hoping it gets better use with a 10-month old, teething baby. Also, it is a bit too big for me to begin with. I suggest they come in sizes.

While my friend and I (who tested the items out) are amazed by the idea of Dr Bloom's chewable Jewels, we find that our little ones seem to know it is not something we DON'T want them to chew on.... so, it's indeed getting less attention than our watches, our slings, us etc. etc...

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