Monday, December 8, 2008

Menstrual cups

It has been some time since I last posted on my ventures with Cloth Pads.

While I regard it as an upgrade in terms of environmental-friendliness to disposable pads, I must say I am not very keen on washing them. Not because they are extra difficult to wash or anything like that.... mainly just because I don't like any chores that requires me to get my hands wet.

Anyway, as I enjoy my time of the month without the discomfort that disposable pads bring (not to mention the $$$ involved) with cloth pads, I started to wonder into more options and read about menstrual cups....

I loved cloth pads for the better comfort and mainly because I don't have to be throwing as much rubbish anymore...

Now that I've found menstrual cups, I'd say it is the ultimate in reducing waste!

So, I've got my Mooncup during the Parenthood Fair in August 2008.... been using it since then... 4 times now, to be exact and it is, as expected, the best in terms of waste reduction. And, all you need is just ONE! It is just so convenient you do not have to worry about forgetting to bring extra pads with you.

Admittedly, I still switch to cloth pads for the last few days when my menses are waving goodbye... still, the mooncup is the life saver for the peak of those times in the month. If you have ever used a tampon before, it is not similar, but better ;)

Anyway, menstrual cups must be gaining popularity as I just read in the December issue of Parenthood magazine that there is a disposable version of menstrual cups available in the market now, Instead Softcups. Then again, why would you want to pay for something similar that you have to throw away when you can just invest in one and use it over and over again?

Somehow, the idea of investing in something that you need to throw away just doesn't grab me.... expecially when it means more rubbish and more rubbish...


Tiny Tapir said...

Hi Jess, thanks for the review :)

Instead softcups are not that similar to menstrual cups... they sit differently, lengthwise when in use, instead of horizontally like the cup - probably doesn't make sense, would help if i could draw a picture!

As, you say they are also disposable, so no difference environmentally than tampons and pads - actually I would say they are worse off than tampons because at least tampons are cotton and will mostly biodegrade.

Rayhana said...