Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ring Sling for a friend :)

This was a special request from a special friend, namely a team member of Malaysian Babywearers :)

She provided the fabric and specified the shoulder style she would like... just because this is not available for sale in Malaysia and it would cost a bundle to get in from where these kind of shoulder style is sold.

So, yes, I did it for her :)

Would love to post actions shots of this but I am just not into using someone's stuff before asking for permission. Probably wait for her to give me some? :)

Would you like to make one for yourself or for a friend? Click the link below for instructions.

Please read the note and please respect the owner's rights to the instructions. They are put up to make babywearing affordable, so, please don't make them take these instructions away.


April said...

That's really cute!

I've made a sling from that website for my littlest one. Here's a not-so-good picture:

Anyways, great blog!

Jess said...

Hi April,

Thanks :) And, that's not a bad one you've made for yourself, too. You baby looks comfy and contented in it ;)

All for DIY-ing!

Peridot&Sapphire said...

this is interesting, you are getting me to eagerly start my own DIY sling too!

Jess said...

Hi P&S, I'm glad my blog is encouraging you to start DIY-ing. Go on! Make one! Let me know if you need anything to make it work ;)