Sunday, July 6, 2008


I am not a bleach user buy Mom swears by them to keep clothes stain-free.

Thing is, if you are babywearing and/or cloth diapering, you would definitely want to keep your carriers and/or your cloth diapers away from bleach!

In Cloth Diapering, it is a widely known fact that bleach is bad. How many babywearers know this for their carriers, though?

While bleaching is good to keep your whites, white... most of the time, bleaching somewhat breaks the composition or the construction of the fabric. I still remember the day the back of one of my favourite white shirt of mine literally broke apart just as I was bending to pick up something from the floor. It was barely a year old and made of 100% cotton. The culprit, I suspect, is bleach as Mom loves bleaching all whites before washing.

Where babywearing is concerned, BLEACH IS A NO-NO, too! You certainly do not want what happened to my shirt happen to your carrier, do you?

The next question will then lead to... what about softener? Well, personally, I will stay away from that, too.

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