Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spare the rod and spoil the child?

My little Arthur is fast becoming two... I am starting to believe that 'they' are indeed right in saying that two is the 'terrible' stage where your toddler just likes to be a rebel.

It's not all that bad, really... (really??)... it just means playing around with food when they are supposed to put it into their mouth, saying 'no' to almost everything, challenging your every act... the list goes on.

This is around the age where little ones around me usually gets introduced to the rotan. Is it necessary? Can I NOT bring it into My Little Arthur's life? By now, he'd seen the rotan (from Granny) but really still think it's a toy.

According to a childhood friend of mine who's got 2 kids now, "...spanking is a way to let go of our own anger or stress... nothing to do with disciplining the child..." how true... then again, growing up where rotan is the norm (though it was rarely used on me)... I am tempted to use it as a 'tool'... might not need to lay it on my little one but would be good just to show him??

When would the 'terrible' end? Does it have an end at all?

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