Monday, April 28, 2008

How long can it last?

Out of the many questions I get asked when promoting my slings, I find that the most difficult to give an accurate answer to is...

"How long can it last?"

It is not like I have some secrets to hide or anything... just try to imagine that the sling is a piece of clothing. Say, a dress... Now, I ask you this question... How long do you think it can last?

Just like with your clothing, the time a sling can last totally depends on how long and how often you use it. Just like your clothes, it will go through the usual wear and tear. The more you wear it, the sooner it will thin out, the sooner the colours will fade. Makes sense?

The many other aspects to answering the question include:
  • how often you wear it
  • the duration of it being used each time
  • how often the sling is washed
  • how do you dry your sling (the dryer will take some time off the sling for sure)
  • the weight of the baby being worn

In other words, if you purchased a sling today and put it aside, it can last for many good years to come. If you use it everyday, you might find that you'd need a new one after a year or two.

Generally, slings are known to last for years. I have heard of people being passed on the slings and some have even inherited slings from their Mothers who used it to wear them!

My honest to goodness answer to the above question would be, all I can say for the Peek-a-Pouch is that I have been using one for almost everyday for more than a year, washing it almost every week, if not more and it is still good as new. 5 years? That will have to wait until I have used it for 5 years before I can give you a definite answer.

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