Monday, August 10, 2009

Mojo jo jo...

It has never occurred to me that having the 'mojo to blog' is of such importance. For a while, it was easy and almost effortless to blog... and for the other while when I was quiet... well, it seems like I've 'lost my mojo to blog'??

For a while, all you've been hearing from me (thank you so much if you are one who kept checking time and again at this blog even when it is not being updated) are FAQs and some cut and paste story or even just some information update... and nothing more.

So, ok... let's try this again... shall we?

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raggedyanne said...

i'm going exactly the same thing you're going thru jess! mojo all gone, dunno where the zeal has gone too. i too think that age is catching up on me, therefore i must be up on toes to keep things interesting around me nowadays. don't feel the pressure to keep updating the blog anymore