Saturday, August 1, 2009


1. What is the difference between the Stretchy Medley Wrap and the Woven Medley Wrap? While the Stretchy wrap is made of knitted fabric (think T-shirt fabric), the Woven wrap is made of woven fabric (think bedsheets)

2. If the answer to no. 1 is in the material used, how are the materials different and which is better?
Knitted fabrics are stretchy and can be more comfortable (compare wearing a T-Shirt to a Shirt) but due to it's 'stretchiness', will tend to sag and pull you down as the baby grows heavier. Thus, Stretchy wraps are usually recommended for use with babies up to 6 months old although it is not surprising to see one using it beyond that. Also, because it is 'stretchy', it is possible to pop baby in and out of the wrap without re-wrapping the whole thing.... Woven fabrics are generally sturdier and more lasting. The Medley woven wraps are strong enough to be used with babies from newborn to toddlerhood. At around 15kgs is when one usually feels the strain of wearing a toddler in a wrap. That said, there are a variety of woven wraps in the market. Be sure to check with the vendor if the woven wrap you are gettin is suitable for use in hot climate. The Medley wraps are sturdy yet cooling enough for the Malaysian climate :)

3. Have you heard of the Moby Wrap, how are the Medley's wrap different from the Moby Wrap?
The Moby wrap is similar to the Stretchy Medley in that it is also made of knitted fabric.

4. What is the maximum weight the Medley wrap can carry?
In wrapping with a woven wrap... this question usually goes back to the babywearer's own endurance level. Generally, you can comfortable wear your baby in a wrap until he or she is about 15kgs.

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