Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Simple Life?

Given the hectic and cluttered lifestyle of the modern world, I am pretty sure at one point or another, we would have thought/dreamt of having a 'simple' life.

Is it really that tempting? Is is really that SIMPLE? Would you REALLY enjoy a simple life?

Imagine life like these (these are all true stories that I know)...

... a life with just 5 sets of clothes for work... A set each for Mon-Fri. Simple and no need to worry about what to wear for the day

... a life with just ONE pair of shoes at a time... never a second pair until it is worn off... again, no need to be standing at the door, deciding what to wear and whether it matches!

... a life with just ONE handbag at any one time... same as above

... a life where you'll only need to decide what to have for your meals each day and nothing else...

Sounds simple? Something for you?


Hanz said...

Jess, I do have ONLY one pair of handbag, it's a brown leather sling backpack actually & since I find it so convenient regardless what's the ocassion, this is the only I would carry around. In fact it's already torn one part & looks worn out but I just love it!I've got few bags but it has been many years I did'nt buy any handbag (no kidding) I rather buy CDs for baby instead, he, he.

Jess said...

Hi Hanz,
Thank you for dropping by my blog. You are unique, indeed ;)

Suli Lee & Melissa Heng DD said...

Nice thought, Jess! Simplity is beautiful. I just want to drop by & say hi to you. Kindly miss seeing you @ our meetings. Keep in touch :) Take care! DingDing