Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's sizing again!!

It's never easy to size a pouch. The best we could do is to arrange a meet up and try it on for ourselves!

Then again, that doesn't always work. Why???
  • The ideal position of having the lowest point around the belly button doesn't work for all. Some prefers it higher up, some prefers it lower. It's a thing on personal preference. The pouch may look too big/small for the wearer but if the wearer INSISTS that it is comfortable, it's not easy changing their perception, even when it is INDEED too big! (too small usually is not much of a problem)
  • We assume too much when sizing ourselves! We tend to think if we look bigger, we shall have a bigger size. If we look taller, we need a bigger size. Truth be told, or rather, the fact is, tall or short, big or small, our bodies are built differently. We can be tall with a long body and short legs or short with a body with long legs... you get the idea? No? Well, to gain the ultimate babywearing experience with a pouch, the measurement is taken from one shoulder to the opposite hip bone... so, if your body is long, you will have a bigger measurement compared to one with a short body... nothing to do with your overall size though it does give us a general idea
  • We love the pouch but wish we could share it!... so, all possible users measured and the if we buy the largest size among them all, all can share, right?? Wrong! Imagine not feeling at all comfortable with the pouch simply because it is just too big... will you really want to use it again?
  • We have been using a particular brand (say, S size works wonders), so S size from another should fit. NOT NECESSARILY. Honestly, even the same size of the same brand can be different over time as they go through remodification and all. Again, never assume and measure as per the instructions.

Just don't assume anything when it comes to buying pouches, especially when you are new to them. Ask and I am pretty sure the vendors will be glad to help :)


Linda said...

I learned my lesson.. haha.. thanks for the patience to meet up with me few times before I get it right. Pouch is indeed very tricky. And thanks for the free resizing....

Jess said...

Hi Linda,
Believe me, you are not the only one :)
The free resizing if part of the deal. Feel free for further resizing (yay!) within the year, ok :)