Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Beware! It's really a scam!

I have received an email containing the following message a few days ago. It is ver similar to what I have received and disregarded years ago. What struck me to actually blog about this is... I received THAT phone call yesterday. It was an automated voice and the amount is exactly as stated in the email that I read: RM4,982. I simply hung up because I have just read that email a few days ago.

Imagine... if I hadn't received or read that email... could I have been a victim?? The simple thought of it is scary enough...

And, yes, the number that called was +601300808888. My hubby got a call from the same number on the same day, too. Only he didn't pick it up. It's his habit not to take any calls from unknown party. Since his line is a sub from mine... we are wondering if this has got anything to do with the telco we are attached to??

Anyway, please read and beware!

"Dear friends,

I have been cheated recently. So I would like to share my experience with you all on how the tactic they use. You can forward this to your friends so they will know about it

1) On Saturday, I receive a phone call from AMBank, a system playback message announce that "You have outstanding balance of RM4,982 for the AMBank credit card, kindly make the payment asap. For customer service, please press 1"(This is the first step, they make you angry. When you angry, you lost your mind)

2) Since I do not have credit card service with AM Bank, I press 1 to talk to the customer service. And after providing my name and IC number, the customer service told me that there is a credit card under my name. I respond that I did not applied it before. The customer service say is it possible that people stole your info and make a credit card from it. She suggest me to call the Bank Negara - Pusat Pengurusan Kad Palsu to make a report so that they will investigate on it. Since it is Sunday, she suggest I make the phone call on Monday and provide me a phone number 03-8659 0241.(This is a fake number, Bank Negara do not have such department. Bank negara number is 03-2698-8044 )

3) On Monday morning, I make a phone call to the given number, I can hear the announcement "Terima Kasih kerana menhubungi Bank Negara..." After that I talk to a guy that speak in Malay. He call me back later with the same callerID, and start to ask my detail of complain. He also keep on telling me that if what I say is not true, I will be caught by police and jail. He then ask for all my credit card detail, have I ever use credit card on ATM, my ATM card and the balance. He also told me not to expose the report detail to my friends as it may affected the investigation result. After that he give me a report number and mentioned that a colleague from other department will help me to secure all my bank accounts.(They do this step to make you believe that they are true, so that you will corporate with them)

4) After a while, I receive a phone call from a girl, she told me that they have suspend all my bank accounts now. But the ATM card they cannot do it remotely, hence she want me to go to the ATM machine, and key in some special "PIN" to stop the card. After I reach the ATM, she call me and told me that later what I see on screen is not the true info. I just need to key in the PIN given by her. So I just follow the step and key in everything. She then ask me to destroy the transaction slip and throw it away. Then told me within 3 days cannot use my ATM cards and other bank accounts.(Key in the "PIN" at ATM is fake also, those PIN is actually somebody account number and the amount to be transfer.)

My suggestion
Always call back to the Bank to verify, are you really have that credit card?Bank always have a tollfree number, including Bank Negara. And you can easily find the real bank number on internet "

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